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I've decided to run for Congress in 2018! The incumbent Democrat has been in the "do nothing" congress for over 22 years. I think it's about time for change.

Certainly not change for the sake of change.

As many of you are aware, the incumbents most recent "contested" race was just after re-districting in the general election, he ran against another long term democrat. It was an odd election culminating with a debate in which the two Democrats actually had an argument about the government paid for automobile , which resulted in an actual physical altercation between two grown men, for all of us to see. Quite embarrassing at best, and childish at worst. Please access youtube, enter Brad Sherman(s) name. There are many instances which reflect the true character of this incumbent which inspired me to run. Mr. Sherman does not represent my views and certainly doesn't represent the State of California in a manner acceptable to most of us.

Let me share with you a little about me. Both my parents, Morris, deceased, and Helen are immigrants. Both came to this country as refugees of dictatorships, essentially fleeing for their lives and liberties. Both came to this country LEGALLY.

I add this because that national debate regarding THE WALL, and certainly not the Pink Floyd masterpiece, seems to me to be more metaphorical rather than a WALL that keeps out those that seek better life. Both my parents sought a better life in this great country, and both worked hard and earned their place as naturalized AMERICANS. We need border protection to keep our families safe.

I began my working career very early in the family business, went to college and obtained a degree is Business then on to Law School and earn a Juris Doctorate. Not a lot here that differs from many running for office, in office including the incumbent, and many thinking about seeking office.

However, I have not practiced law and have been in business seemingly all my life, and prefer to be called a businessman.

I'm a father of three girls, all great additions and contributors to our community and will continue to contribute socially giving their best to make our community not only a better place to live but the best place to live, from the beautiful mountains near the sea to those that wee see to the north. 


The incumbent has been in Congress for over 22 years. "Protecting the Syrian "People" first, is not what the congressman for the San Fernando Valley is elected to do. Moreover, it seems to be long overlooked that is certainly IS NOT the responsibility nor a task Americans should assume nor give their lives for, and certainly should not be first on the list. A better position certainly I subscribe to is simply those that use banned weapons of mass destruction, including chemical gas weapons, should be stopped and if our current President did so after 8 years of the incumbents influence over the last President did not accomplish this, the 22 plus years in congress is far too many to find his conduct acceptable, and more over, it's like time for a change.


In order to protect the Syrian people, and stabilize the entire region, dictators like al-Bashar should be removed immediately, which over the past 8 years which President Obama occupied the White House, and the incumbent was well seated in Congress, we had plenty of opportunity to remove through diplomacy or though alternative means. President trump is exploring the most effective ways of accomplishing this very task.


Its been well known, well published, and horrifically watched for more than 8 years that al-Bashar has used these weapons in the past, continues to use the weapons today, and will use these weapons for the foreseeable future unless regime change occurs NOW.

Just to understand the current doctrine, signed in 2012 and 2016, RUSSIA was assigned to take the lead is assuring the WORLD that Syria would dismantle and destroy their current arsenal of these banned diabolical weapons. They have not met their obligation to the Convention, should be asked or FORCED to step down from this responsibility, move the United Nations in its place and conclusively end this horrific exploitation of humanity.

Please stop by my website periodically to see the progress made.


It's no secret President Obama referred to ISIS(L) as the "JV" team, which most Republicans saw ISSUE as a more RADICAL ISLAMIC group forming all over the globe. It's easy for the incumbent to say this but his party's former president, Barack Obama has allowed the "JV" team to move up the athletic latter now becoming the VARSITY TEAM of the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR masters. President Trump see's it for what it is and has shown in his first 100 days that this current condition WILL NOT STAND.


This is an area which, as a businessman, I have unique experience from an economic perspective but unfortunately, my medical experience is as a consumer and as such, I believe I can comment about the Affordable Health Care Act. Congressman Sherman has voted consistently to support Obama Care, which without any argument, is failing, and will leave most without ANY health care within and before the next election. Mr. Sherman is a smart man but seems to be voting along party lines, just to maintain his position in the party. Notwithstanding how and who his position supports or hurts, a partisan look at complete repeal, and with the current congress, and too must "water under the bridge", its improbable to believe this can happen.











Wednesday, May 24, 2017 1:09 PM

President Trump

Not since President Kennedy declare "Ich bin ein Berliner" in June of 1963.

Then President Reagan demanded that Soveit President Gorbechev "tear down this wall" we have not seen skillful diplomacy until this week.


President Trump travelled from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (where the streets were lined with American flags).

Israel where he was greeted with the same affection from Prime Minister Netanyahu, the two always friends, and then on to the Vatican, where the Pope was welcoming and appreciative to visit with President Trump to discuss what seemingly is everyone's ability to practice religion and see that most are accepting to each others tenants, including our President take a "quick lesson" from Rabbi Shmuel and the holiest place can pray.

Later, President Trump wrote a prayer and placed it in the wall hoping fo real hope and peace .

President Trump will solve the ever nagging problem of WORLDPEACE.



Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:53 PM

Tax Plan

After watching today's news cycle, I've watched the democrat talking heads shoot down PRESIDENT TRUMP'S tax plan without being privy to it.

All I've read and watched is that we have an extremley high deficit, mostly if not all created in the last eight years under the 44th president.

Let PRESIDENT TRUMP be PRESIDENT and having a fairly good perspective of whom he is, let him propose his views, perspective, and agenda. It's why we have democratic elections and not violent changes of power that proliferate the globe.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:47 PM

Election Date

Please remember to vote:


Primary Tuesday June 5th, 2018

General Tuesday November 6th, 2018 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 2:47 PM

Syrian Issue


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